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Logo Design

Logo Design

A logo is usually the first visual symbol you develop as a business. It is usually a relatively small image or design that may or may not include your company name or acronym. Logos are typically used in a variety of company materials and promotions.

Build Brand Image

A key reason to create a business logo is to start the process of building a brand image. Visual images go along with your company name and slogan in helping to create a memorable impact with target audiences. The key is to consistently apply your logo across all promotions. Many companies include logos on business cards, letterhead and websites, in addition to all print ads. Ultimately, you want customers to connect your logo to your business and its values.

Symbolic Meaning

Logos, characters and colour schemes are among the handful of image elements often referred to as company symbols. A symbol is a visual representation of the greater meaning and value proposition of your company. If a customer sees your logo and experiences positive feelings or immediately thinks of fun, energy, happiness, great products or elite service, your logo has worked. In essence, your logo conveys the collective impact of your company's core values.